I presented this project as part of finalizing my studies as a Production Development Engineer. I built an attachment for our gardening tractor.
We have big fields and mowing the lawn was usually my job, one of the problems to solve was how unpleasant it looked to have piles of grass left behind after mowing and to shovel the grass into bags seemed like unnecessary extra work. The solution was to buy a new tractor with a collector, but it would have been very expensive and since our gardening tractor model did not have the option to add a collector. By building this attachment, I solved the main problems at a very inexpensive cost and did not have to replace my tractor. This project examines possible solutions collecting grass clumps and provides an alternative to carry it out.

Project steps

  • Research, competitive/comparative analysis. Designing the lawn rake was analyzed and elaborated upon.
  • Mechanical parameters and measurements.
  • Drawings.
  • Prototype construction.
  • Testing, modifying, testing, finalizing product.


The test results show that it is beneficial to rake perpendicular to the swath. In order to enhance the efficiency of the teeth to reduce the difference between each other as well as to reduce the width of the tines themselves. The optimal distance between the teeth might be in the order of 1-2 cm.

It was also found that the plastic tines are too light. To solve this problem, there are two options, either to use a metal tines which are heavier. Another option is to increase the power of the tine tip and ground planes, which could be used by more forceful spring.

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