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Case Study


In order for Big Sisters to achieve its goals of raising their profile, volunteer base and better engagement with stakeholders, they needed a website redesign.


Communicating the benefits for potential mentors and the impact they could make. Create a mobile friendly visually appealing design that speaks to 19–28 year olds. Reducing the multiple layers of navigation, making the site more user-friendly even for an audience who may speak minimal English. Explains what being a Big Sister really is and the commitment it takes.


The redesign kept in consideration key Business Goals of Big Sisters. They needed to engage various audiences – potential mentors, attract more Little Sisters to their programs and communicate with their donor base and volunteers. By keeping these audiences engaged and connected, ultimately more Matches between Big Sisters and the Little Sisters in the community who are waiting for matches can be made.

User research

We wanted to understand what people were thinking of when they thought of Big Sisters and mentoring in general and how users went about navigating the current website. So, we launched two surveys and conducted interviews with both internal and external users.


  • Not enough resources and info for current mentors
  • Navigation is confusing and time-consuming, causing users to abort their volunteering mission. People gave up and just ended up calling the office.
  • Language barriers for littles (or parents of littles)
  • Doesn’t show off the personality of the brand


  • Assumptions about what being a big sister is about- you have to commit a lot of time, if issues come up with a little you’re responsible
  • Don’t know the benefits of volunteering
  • Users did not know that there were multiple volunteer opportunities that existed
  • Confusing for parents to refer a girl.

Key findings

Our research found that most people did not know about variety of volunteering opportunities that existed within Big Sisters. Neither did they know about different time commitments.

We solved this by displaying those three main opportunities, including their time per week and yearly commitment, as soon as they landed on the Get Involved page. This would ensure that potential volunteers could make a quick comparison and see which option worked best for their lifestyle.

Our research had showed that the true values of Big Sisters was not being captured on current website. 

We had access to amazing success stories as well as some pretty incredible statistics about the effect that mentoring has, but they were hidden and not really being utilized. When the time to design came, we knew incorporating lots of hero images along with text displaying some of the more powerful quotes and statistics would really fraw a user in and display what Big Sisters was all about.

Designs were made mobile first, considering the demographic age group, existing Big Sisters brand guidelines, provided photography and content.

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