Last summer I forgot to display my parking permit tag on a windshield and got fined. My explanations of actually having a permit afterwards did not work and I gave up my hopes eventually and paid.

The Problem/ Opportunity

I use multiple parking permits and  find myself changing them daily a lot. I know, I could tape them to my windshield but it would not look good and I do not want them on my windshield all the time. It got me thinking and coming up with a solution of my own. I would use a smart glass for displaying and mobile application for setting it up and control.

Feature Requirements

Design a flow that allows users to

  • upload their parking permit tag
  • add location to it (where it can be used)
  • display the parking permit tag.

Design Solution

The plot

Last year only, Metro Vancouver had over 1.6m registered cars and approximately every 7th car is believed to be using at least 1 parking permit tag/sticker, which makes it over 200k car owners. The market is there..everywhere. Some examples would be: festival, staff, disability, visitor and member parking passes.  I enjoyed working on this project and most likely will post some more projects in the near future.